My Experience of Buying Adobe CS4 from 01 July 2009

This post is for the benefit of anyone else who can't believe how much cheaper it is to buy Adobe CS4 from and is Googling for reassurance.

Last week I set out to buy a copy of CS4 Web Premium and decided that £1512.25 (the price on Adobe's website) was a bit steep. Google lead me to, who were selling it for £799. This seemed suspiciously cheap so I decided to do some research which lead me to these two threads on different forums. Satisfied that it probably wasn't a con, I went ahead and ordered last Thursday 25th June and was relieved when UPS delivered it on Monday.

The software arrived in a legitimate looking cellophane wrapped DVD case with a serial number sticker on the back and I've since installed and registered it without any problems.

Here's a photo of the package:

Adobe CS4 Web Premium

Here's a screenshot of the order tracking from order tracking

Disclaimer: I have no involvement with or connection to beyond placing an order with them and being a satisfied customer. I spent 5 minutes writing this post to help reassure anyone else who was thinking of ordering from them by sharing my experience. If they suddenly turn evil and decide to start ripping people off it's not my fault. IANAL. YMMV. HTH. HAND.

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