Deadline The Simplest Calendar Ever Made 18 November 2008

Alex recently launched a new project called Deadline and it's been attracting a lot of interest across the internets.

Deadline is a calendar that understands sentences like "Phone Bob tonight" or "Go Christmas shopping on Saturday", turns them into appointments, then emails you reminders. In fact, you can even email appointments back to it and they'll be added to your calendar.
It works over Google Talk/Jabber as well so you can add Deadline to your buddy list and add reminders by chatting with it.

The API is now available too so it'll be interesting to see what people do with it.

It's free to create a Deadline account and, if you're already using Helipad (another great app from Alex's company!) then you can login with your existing details.

Keep an eye on the Helicoid website for more interesting projects :)

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