How Who? 05 January 2004

A couple of people have emailed me recently to ask how the "who's on irc" box works so I thought I'd just write a brief summary here...

First you'll need an Eggdrop bot running in your channel. Then you need to make it run the the HTML2 TCL script. The original version can be found by searching for html2 here but I've taken out all the stuff I didn't need and put a modified copy for you to download here. When configured and run, the HTML2 script will dump a page somewhere with statistics from your channel but I only wanted a list of who was in the channel, hence my modified version which creates output like this.
Once you've got that page listing who's online, simply use PHP include to embed it in your homepage or wherever you like.

I think that's about it but if anyone has any questions just post them as replies to this topic and I'll do my best to help. There's probably an easier way to do it but, given my complete lack of TCL knowledge, this is the best way I know :]