Pointless Waste of Time 07 August 2003

Last night I downloaded the free demo of World War 2 Online.

After being forced to use IE to make the site work and then having to install a pointless ‘Delivery System’ to download it, it installed the Playnet game launcher to launch itself. I launched the launcher which launched my browser which took me to the website where I had to create an account and click a link to launch the launcher again. When the launcher launched it downloaded a 13mb patch and took ages to install it. Then I had to launch the launcher again which, in turn, launched my browser so I could login and launch the launcher to launch the game. This time it download a slightly smaller patch and I had to go through the rigmarole again. Then it downloaded another patch. Then it started to load the game really slowly.

After all this effort I was hopeful that the game might be really good.

Sadly it’s the mostly ugly, badly designed, counter-intuitive excuse for a game I’ve ever had the misfortune to play. The graphics would look poor next to Quake 2 and it would have been easier to control if I’d eaten my mouse and rolled a turd around the mousemat. I might copy it to a CD just so I can slice it up into tiny pieces and jump up and down on them. Anyone insane enough to actually pay a subscription for it should probably seek professional help.