Incompetence 06 June 2003

Why is it that so many big companies have such shitty customer service?
In November of last year someone drove into the back of my car and did about £500 worth of damage. After I reported this to Direct Line it took them almost 2 months to contact the other driver, despite the fact that she was one of their customers. A few months later (after a lot of arguing) I finally got a letter to say that the other driver had admitted liability. 2 weeks after that they sent me a cheque for the wrong amount with a letter attached saying that they were sending it in settlement since "no one had accepted liability". Morons.

Endsleigh Insurance are just as clueless. We've been trying to sort out our house insurance policy with them ever since my girlfriend moved in 3 months ago. After going over the details with them 4 times and getting 4 different "policy amended" letters they're still wrong. Fools.

If anyone can recommend an insurance company that doesn't suck I'd love to hear from you.

Other companies that get honourable mentions for pissing me off this week include:

On the subject of NatWest, this site makes interesting reading and this site is really handy.

Rant over. Time for a cup of tea.