Sexy Losers 02 May 2003

Today sees the first in a series of webcomic reviews from our resident Mac-loving deviant Moopy. Watch this space for more fascinating insights into the mind/bookmarks of this deranged individual...

First up, my second favorite site, Sexy Losers

You like hentai? You like to Laugh? You freak.

Site used to be called the Thin H line (H for hentai) but the author, 'Hard' had some kind of copyright thing, so it changed.

A really good blend of fine comedy, and tits. Updated weekly, this is a great site for fans of anime and hentai culture. Hard has several reccuring themes, and a host of characters which he lovingly maintains. Lots of wanking, lots of stupid gags about every sexual deviancy you can imagine. From Bukkake to necrophillia, compulsive masturbation to nepotism, Hard effortlessly delivers Belly laughs and comic smut.

did I mention that it's a bit rude?

Oh, and it doesn't have any nepotism, I just like the sound of it. And if you don't know what Bukkake is then cherish your innocence and stay away.