Dexbot Upgrade 18 January 2003

dexbot now auths himself with Q and is capable of opping himself and lifting bans placed on him thanks to this script and this post on the QuakeNet forum \o/

I had loads of trouble finding out how to do this so I plan to write a howto sometime in the near future in case anyone else wants to try it :)

/whois [dexbot]
12:52 [QuakeNet] -!- [dexbot] []
12:52 [QuakeNet] -!- ircname : Mumra the Everliving
12:52 [QuakeNet] -!- channels : @#ick @#hangover
12:52 [QuakeNet] -!- server : * [QuakeNet IRC server]
12:52 [QuakeNet] -!- [dexbot] is authed as [dexbot]